2020 Winter Recap

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To reach people no one is reaching, we do things no one is doing. Being on the hill is what makes a difference. JSAW’s staff is on the snow, riding at least two days a week throughout the winter. We build friendships and get opportunities to share our faith, pray for riders who get injured, and encourage them. We help coach riders who are learning new tricks, film for them and then invite them to Bible study and other events JSAW does.

Once a month we host a cocoa and wax night at Help Boardshop. Riders come in to get a free hot wax and while wax their board/skis there is hot cocoa to enjoy, some cookies and one of the latest snowboard videos on the big screen.

In January JSAW put together a ride day at Afton Alps for 22 riders. Ben and Jonny lead a crew of 7 guys to Copper Mountain in Colorado for a weekend in February. We studied in the Bible about what it looks like to have our identity and confidence in Christ.

Last weekend we hosted Minute to Kill It where we premiered 18 rider’s videos and a whole crowd voted on the winners of $500 cash and big bags full of snowboard product from our sponsors.

In the midst of all this activity God is moving and transforming the hearts of riders. In 14 weeks on snow JSAW was able to impact 46 riders over 255 times. Your support enables us to be there, to have a presence and to make an impact. Thank you!


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