Block Party Report

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Block Party Report

It was a rainy day, yet around 150 people came through Help Boardshop for the block party. Help Boardshop is owned by JSAW and functions as both a gathering place for riders and as a way to support the ministry. We started the day with a game of S.K.A.T.E. hosted by Obsolete and Woodruff Skate Union followed up by a best trick contest in the skatepark. Throughout the day the shop was having its annual ‘back to school’ sale. For the snowboard contest we had snow hauled in from local ice arenas, scaffolding and a dump truck donated from local businesses, volunteers shoveling, and nice cool weather to keep it from melting too quickly. Chickfila had donated 75 meals for everyone to eat and our friends at Redbull sponsored the event with plenty of beverages. To end the day we held a skateboard video contest premiere in the park, showcasing 5 local riders Minute to Kill It clips. The audience voted on who should take home the $200 cash prize and loads of other goods from our sponsors.

Jonny Nelson, JSAW’s Executive Director, was able to share the gospel two times throughout the day and had 16 guys pray and confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. One of the guys had been coming to the park for a long time and afterward said, “I have tried treatment, I’ve tried therapy and I meet with my probation officer weekly, but none of that has worked so I am hoping Jesus can change my life.” Jonny was able to give him a Bible and invited him to join JSAW’s weekly Bible study. The Block Party was a huge success to end out the summer and we are excited to launch into the next season!

Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, donors, and all the riders who came out to participate!

Also thanks to all sponsors for this event:

Skate: Etnies, Independent, Obsolete skateboards, Woodruff, JSAW, Bronson, Emerica, Flip, Mob Grip, Help Boardshop, Endurance skateboards, eS, RedBull, Chickfila and Glassy

Snow: Ride Snowboards, Banshee Bungee, JSAW, Buck Hill, Red Bull, Thrash Camp, Help Boarshop, Chickfila, Oakley, and Thirty Two



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