Christian Surfers US Internship

The Christian Surfers summer Internship starts in just one month! If you’re interested in being a part of either the Summer 2014 or Winter/Spring 2015 Internship you can apply HERE or contact us at 904-471-4308 ext. 7. Check out this video featuring one of CS’s past interns, Andrew, as he shares a little bit from his experience and how God used it to shape him into who he is today!

Missed Opportunity at a Skatepark in Texas

All the kids gathered around to watch as a boy named Mario, who looked about 14 years old, began rolling up to the 11 stair handrail at a random skatepark in Texas. I was hyped because it cleared the busy park out for awhile so I could skate some lines I wanted. He skidded to a stop on his skateboard a few times and then stuck a solid board slide down the massive set. Everyone Read more…