Cartagena, Colombia

Published by Jonny Nelson on

Cartagena is a large port city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and has a growing skater population. Within the last year the city has built two new skateparks and Christian Skaters, one of our partner ministries, just sent a team to build a miniramp on the top of a church. The skate ministry there hosts a Friday night Bible study at the skatepark with 25-30 skaters each week. Earlier this year CS Cartegena applied for a grant from JSAW to help launch a smaller more focused discipleship group. After receiving the grant from JSAW, CS Cartagena was able to start this group and had many of the skaters open up and share about their faith. The smaller group has been fundamental in building relationships for individual discipleship.

One of the local guys, Adrian has only been a Christian for a few years and has started serving with CS Cartagena over this past year. God has used the new group to challenge him in his knowledge of the Bible. Many of the skaters attending have had questions about controversial topics and Biblical doctrines that he didn’t always know the answers to. He was challenged with not answering questions with an opinion, thought, or guess, but to always use the Word because the Bible has authority. Over the past 2 months, Adrian has been studying the Bible and has been growing so much in his knowledge of the Word. He has so much love for skaters and the Lord, and this new discipleship group has helped him go from a “child/teen in the faith” to a true “man of God” that is equipped with God’s word.

Please be praying that the ministry to skateboarders in Colombia will continue to thrive. Thank you to all JSAW’s donors and Help Boardshop’s customers who provide the funding to make these grants for action sports ministries possible.