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Dear JSAW Friends,

This past Wednesday night JSAW hosted an event called Cocoa and Wax. The event involves large amounts of hot chocolate and free ski and snowboard waxes. As you can imagine this combination of a free service and free sugar makes a great night for riders at Help Boardshop. We were blown away to see more than 20 riders, not currently involved in JSAW’s weekly bible studies, show up. This means that all together there were between 40-50 riders at the event in total. This created a divine opportunity for JSAW to extend its’ reach beyond its’ current rider network. We also had the CEO of FastWax come out with all the bells and whistles of professional waxing. Each rider received not just a free wax but a high performance wax at no cost.

We also premiered Van’s new snowboard film called Landline. This film was exceptional! One of the riders, Danimals, grew up riding at Hyland Hills where JSAW does most of its snowboard programming during the winter. All the riders were stoked and piled in through the doors to watch a familiar face on a world renowned film.

The hype spiked our Bible study attendance that night. I am happy to say this plan was God’s and not our own. JSAW has been putting on events for many years and we have learned that the secret to putting on a great event starts in prayer way before the planning process. I feel blessed to work at JSAW but truly honored to see God work to transform the action sports community one rider at a time. Please continue to pray for JSAW staff as well as the riders who attended Cocoa and Wax. Our next Cocoa and Wax event will be held on February 21st at 7:30pm. We are excited to see how God will continue to show up in the future.


Jake Tastad
Program Director

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