Des Moines IA Dew Tour Trip

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Des Moines IA Dew Tour Trip

We planned a trip to visit the new skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa. It is now the largest skatepark in America and was home to the Dew Tour and the United States only Olympic qualifying event for skateboarding. JSAW brought 10 skaters for the weekend and we all had a blast skating and meeting all the pro’s who were there competing in the event. Josiah, one of the Rider Support Specialist staff on the trip was able to talk with one of the pro riders about his faith and how another pro just gave his life to Jesus and is getting baptized soon. The JSAW crew also partnered with the Des Moines skate ministry that is starting to minister to the skaters in the area. The theme for the weekend was ‘experiencing the presence of God’. Throughout the weekend the riders had many little ‘Aha!’ moments; learning how prayer is a way to access the presence of God, that God is like a good father, and that “Jesus is the one light that shines God’s glory brighter than any other”. These little realizations of truth mixed with the epic experience of the trip can be life altering for the young riders as they explore faith. Be praying that they will each seek out the presence of God in their lives. 



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