A Donation Match for JSAW

Published by Jonny Nelson on

JSAW Promo Video from JSAW on Vimeo.

A donation match has been made for JSAW! A generous donor has offered to match all donations, of any amount up to $3000, that are made by 9pm Wednesday June 4th. You can donate online here!
This could not have come at a better time as JSAW is currently about $6000 short. If $3000 in donations come in between now and the deadline JSAW will be caught up. You can donate online here!
Besides funding the organization is doing extremely well, hitting over 95% of its programming objectives. The staff has been working overtime to keep up with all the international opportunities that popped up this spring including projects in India, Dubai, and Panama. Be praying for the staff as they launch into busy summer mode next week.


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