Empowering Leaders in SW Pennsylvania

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Empowering Leaders in SW Pennsylvania

Have you ever had a great opportunity in front of you, but lacked the resources to go after it? A few riders were presented with the opportunity to take over the leadership of SFC, ski/snowboard ministry in SW Pennsylvania this past fall. In the midst of a leadership transition, these riders were challenged with a bad season of snow the year before, nothing planned for the upcoming season and no funds for anything. Yet they felt God calling them to take action.

Using funds earned through Help Boardshop sales, JSAW was able to give them a matching grant of $1000. This grant helped kick-start their fundraising. Using the grant and other funds raised they were able to host an outreach event at the beginning of the snow season. They shared the gospel with 40 riders and started hosting Bible studies and ride nights at Blue Knob Resort. Throughout this winter season they have been on the hill 2-3 days a week building relationships, teaching kids to ride, and photographing tricks for kids.

Please be praying for our friends as they continue transforming action sports culture by making riders into disciples in Pennsylvania!

Bible Study at Blue Knob Ski Resort


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