February Service Project

Published by Brittany Nelson on

On Saturday, February 21st, Help Boardshop had some amazing volunteers from Grace Church (Eden Prairie, MN) to help out around the shop. A handful of volunteers, led by JSAW’s snowboard program leader Phil Akins, spent their Saturday deep cleaning, painting, doing office work, and building a small ramp for the park.

Later in the day, another group of Help Boardshop and Grace Church volunteers headed over to Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area to hand out over 400 FREE pulled pork sandwiches from a food truck. It was a fun afternoon of surprising those that passed by with a hot meal while also further building relationships with Hyland riders and staff members.

JSAW and Help Boardshop are grateful to Grace Church for providing some awesome volunteers, donating tasty food, and serving alongside of us!

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