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Give A Post to JSAW on March 15th

Will you give 1 post on Tuesday, March 15th to raise awareness for JSAW?

For over 11 years JSAW has been making disciples within action sports culture around the globe and we have seen so many riders transformed by Jesus Christ. Lately we have been brainstorming on how to boost JSAW’s influence to reach more riders. We are asking 100 influencers like yourself to share JSAW with your social network all on one day. Together we can do something big! Think of the impact you can have.

Your 1 post introducing your friends to JSAW could change someone’s life! You simply give one post encouraging your friends to follow JSAW on social media. To build the excitement leading up to Tuesday, March 15th JSAW will be doing 7 days of giveaways on instagram and facebook featuring prize packs from our partners!

Links to JSAW’s social media pages: @JSAWministries #JSAW @JSAWministries #JSAW

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” Check out my friends @JSAWministries and follow their page. #JSAW “

” Today I am giving 1 post to help raise awareness about @JSAWministries the action sports ministry. Please check them out and follow them. #JSAW “