Glasgow, Scotland

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Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland is a completely post-Christian nation where the majority of young people have little or no exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless in true relentless skater fashion, our friend David launched Skate For Light an action sports ministry reaching riders in Scotland. This fall he was asked to run the skatepark at a music festival in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. David reached out to JSAW, seeking a grant to bring in pro skater and evangelist Mike Steinkamp to perform and share the gospel. Throughout the day 90 skaters and several hundred spectators visited the park. Mike was able to share his testimony, give a call to salvation and engaging many of the skaters in a 1 on 1 conversation.

David had a great conversation with a group of skateboarders who asked why they were hosting the event. When he explained that it was organised by local churches in order to share the love of God with them, they were genuinely moved. A number of the riders expressed how cool they thought that was and were all very thankful for the rad skatepark and prizes. In a country were the general population is very opposed to the Church or any mention of Christianity, this event was a great building block to seeing skaters come to Christ. David will continue to move forward the relationships developed at this event using friendship evangelism to see skaters in Scotland saved.

Please be praying for David, Skate For Light and the skateboarders in Scotland! Thank you for giving to JSAW, your support allows JSAW to provide grants for action sports ministries all around the world.


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