International Pray for Skaters Day!

Published by Jonny Nelson on

We would like to invite you to join us this year on 12/13/14 for an international day of prayer for the skateboard community worldwide. Pray for skaters, skate ministries, park builders, photographers, videographers, team-managers, entrepreneurs, skate shop employees, any and all overall skateboard fans.  Pray that God will continue to move through the skateboard industry. Pray for the organizations reaching out to skateboarders worldwide with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Please mark your calendars and remember to set aside an hour on 12/13/14 to pray for the skate community worldwide. We encourage you to reach out within your local communities and skateparks with prayer events and more! Share your photos on Instagram and Twitter #PrayForSkaters #Christian Skaters #JSAW and on the Facebook page.  You can even sign up and commit to pray during one time slot of the day, just click here!


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