Jake’s New Position

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Jake’s New Position

For the past 5 years I (Jake Tastad) have been on staff at JSAW. It has been an incredible time filled with many formative moments in my youth ministry career. I have loved getting to know all the riders, donors, and staff members. This past Friday I accepted a new position at a local church; I am being called to start a youth ministry. This decision did not come easy but was a result of months of prayer and counsel from mentors. I am excited to adventure on and I will never forget my formative years at JSAW.

Of course I will still be involved! I am getting pumped to strap on the ol’ snowboard soon. I imagine that I will still see riders out at the hill as well as take runs with JSAW staff members too. I will always be apart of the organization just not on staff.

Be praying for me as I break the news to riders, staff and donors. I don’t picture this process being easy but I pray that my absence will provide opportunity for another to get involved and develop as a leader in the action sports community.


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