JSAW Rider Spotlight – Tanner Henrickson

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Personal: Name / Job, School / Family / Hobbies / Passions                                                     

My name is Tanner Hendrickson. I attend Jefferson High School. My family includes my mom, dad and brother. My favorite hobby is fishing and skateboarding is my passion.

Faith: What does being a Christ-follower mean to you? / What does being a disciple of Jesus mean to you?

Being a Christ follower to me means trusting in God even in the toughest situations. Being a disciple of Jesus to me means spreading the Word of God.

JSAW: How did you get connected? / How have you been affected/changed by being a part of JSAW? / What do you like about JSAW? What do you not like about JSAW?

I went to a skate camp and have been coming here ever since. I go to the Wednesday night bible study which is bringing me closer to God because we are studying his Word. The people at JSAW are super chill and awesome. I love everything about JSAW because it is such a cool environment. When I come to here,  I feel safe because I can trust everyone here.

Fun Facts: Favorite pro rider? / What’s your favorite brand? / What’s your local park? / What’s your hype music? / Skills outside of rideing? / Why do you ride?

Jimmy Wilkins is my favorite rider. My favorite brand is Creature and my local park is Valley View. I will listen to just about any kind of music. I consider myself a good fisherman. I love to ride because the feeling of landing a new trick is just about the greatest thing in the world.