Kathy’s Last Day

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Kathy’s Last Day

To the friends, family and leadership at JSAW, thank you for your support and feedback during my time here at JSAW. My last day with JSAW is Oct. 11, Friday. It has been a ‘ride’; I’ve had the opportunity to work in an industry I love, fundraising, within a different culture with its unique challenges and opportunities.  This seven-month experience has been instructive as Jonny and I’ve worked through initiatives and process together. My respect for the founder of JSAW has only increased as I’ve personally experienced his resolve to make an impact in young riders’ lives, constant positive regard for everyone involved, and tireless effort to ‘move the needle’ every day.

JSAW needs new talent that will better match the skill set needed for its future fundraising. Someone more consistent with our demographic and with the action sports community. I hope this will result in a new group of engaged donors, and a re-energizing of our entire donor community.

Tony and I will continue supporting JSAW as we have the last 10 years and I urge you to financially support the ministry; this niche’ of young riders encounters the Gospel here!

Blessings, Kathy Larson

Director of Donor Relationships


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