North America Action Sports Ministry Summit

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North America Action Sports Ministry Summit

At the end of October JSAWs Executive Director, Jonny, helped lead the North American action sports ministry summit in West Virginia at Camp Royal. This is one of five summits held around the world this year gathering partner ministries. Together we have 69 ministries in 30 countries who are making disciples in the action sports community. We discussed topics like fundraising, volunteers, vision, personal health, collaboration and more. The key objective of the summit is to gather leaders together to build trust and relationships. One young couple that serves in skate ministry met another leader who has been praying about starting a skateboard ministry on the west coast.  He just needed someone to pioneer and own it day to day. After meeting at the summit they are now working together to start this skate ministry! This could never be a planned outcome of the summit but it does point to the importance of gathering leaders together. JSAW serves a critical role in this network and has an incredible opportunity to see action sports culture being transformed on a national and global level. In 2020 we are working to hold a global summit in Tokyo, Japan. The purpose is two-fold, to help build a movement of action sports ministry in Japan and to energize the movement with the Olympic Games, since skateboarding, surfing and rock climbing will be making their debut there. Thank you for supporting riders here in the Twin Cities and around the world.

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