Parent Meeting – College Planning Workshop

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Parent Meeting – College Planning Workshop

Saturday, January 26th, 8:45-10am at Help Boardshop

Throughout the year JSAW hosts parent meetings to help keep parents up to speed on JSAW activities and get face time with the staff. We also like to provide valuable resources to parents especially in relation to their kids who ride! At this meeting parents will get to connect with JSAW’s staff, receive a calendar for JSAW’s summer activities, aannnnddd learn about how to plan for your kids college from our friend David Stay. David is a leader at Thrivent here in the Twin Cities and will be leading a workshop to help parents plan for their kids transition from high school to college. Don’t worry, it is purely informational and David isn’t selling something, but is offering some helpful tools for you and your kids!

Please RSVP to [email protected] so we know how much coffee and donuts to get!

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