Rider Spotlight – Chader Burton

Published by Jonny Nelson on

My name is Chader. I’m currently enrolled at Dunwoody in their electricians program. My hobbies mostly revolve around cars and skateboarding. I’ve been skateboarding for two years and I’ve been working on cars and racing ever since I was a kid.

I got connected to JSAW by having friends that are a part of JSAW. They invited me to join them and I have been involved ever since. I have grown in my faith by spending time with people who are more mature in their faith at JSAW. They have encouraged me and given me insight into growing in my faith. I have learned that being a disciple of Jesus Christ means having the opportunity to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe and living life to the fullest. My desire to help those in need has also grown.

Some fun facts about me? My favorite pro rider is Nyjah Huston. My favorite park to ride is the Brooklyn Park skatepark. I ride because I love the culture that surrounds skateboarding and the vibe that you get from being at a skatepark.