Rider Spotlight – Jamin Larson

Published by Jonny Nelson on

The first time I noticed Jamin, two years ago, he stood out from the rest of the riders. Not only from the level of scooter tricks he was doing but also the dedication he had on new and harder tricks. Eventually, he was asked to be sponsored by Tilt, the biggest company in scootering, but he decided to be sponsored by a smaller, more intimate company called Midnight. That showed me that he doesn’t care about the fame or money of scootering, because there is none, but he wants to do this for fun. Scootering is his escape.

Jamin first heard of Help from a friend a few years ago when he was first learning scootering. He loved that this place is small and the people were friendly and personal with him. For the past few months, Jamin has been steadfast about coming weekly to our Wednesday night Bible study. He playfully said, “I learn more here than I do at church.”  We get energized by Jamin’s excitement when he says that it just makes sense to follow Jesus, that he trusts and believes in Jesus.

My prayer for Jamin is that Christ keeps pursuing him and the Spirit softens his heart to be able to understand the deep love of God. I also pray he can be a light to the rest of his crew and the whole  scootering and skateboarding community.


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