Rider Spotlight – Josiah Nelson

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This month’s rider spotlight goes out to my homie Josiah Nelson. This is extra special because Josiah is the one who told me about JSAW while he was my camper at Trout Lake Camp three years ago. Josiah is finishing up his freshman year at South High School. He is an all-around talent. Conversations with him usually end up at a mountain biking, rock climbing and/or snowboarding story of his. When I had dinner with him and his family he was especially excited to show me his guitar that he just started practicing on.

I asked Josiah what he liked most about JSAW and he said, “I just love the positive environment and the community here.” He also said the bible studies at JSAW motivate him. I asked, “How?” He replied, “To live out my faith.” He said if he is a follower of Christ then he needs to show love through his actions like Jesus did. He loves his friends and wants them to love Jesus too.

It has been so much fun to see Josiah grow in the last three years of knowing him. Your support helps guys like Josiah have this positive and encouraging environment to grow in. Thank you for your continued prayer and support for JSAW.

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