Rider Spotlight – Nick Torre

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Rider Spotlight – Nick Torre

Personal: My name is Nick. I am 16 years old and attend Jefferson High School. My family includes my parents, brother and myself. My hobbies and passions are skiing and skateboarding.

My Hype Music: Punk and old rap

Skills Outside of Riding: I have mad Fortnite skills (video game)

Why I Ride: Riding gives me motivation!

Faith: What does being a Christ-follower mean to you? I think it means I should be myself and treat others well. I also need to follow Christ’s Word.

JSAW: How did you get connected and how have you been changed by being a part of JSAW? I started skating at Help about 4 years ago. I found new friends and I have learned alot. The staff is cool…I miss both Phils