Rider Spotlight – Wyatt Oliver

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1. PERSONAL: Name /Job, School / Family / Hobbies / Passions

My name is Wyatt Oliver. I attend Kennedy High School. I currently have two jobs: I work at a campground and I do construction. My hobbies/passions are BMX and snowboarding.

2. FAITH: What does being a Christ-follower mean to you? / What does being a disciple of Jesus mean to you?

Believing in Jesus means staying true to myself and believing there is still hope even during bad times.

3. JSAW: How did you get connected? /  What do you like about JSAW? What do you not like about JSAW?

My really good friend Vinni connected me. JSAW has been great! They have helped me learn tricks for snowboarding.

4. FUN FACTS: Favorite pro rider? / What’s your favorite brand? / What’s your local park? / What’s your hype music? / Skills outside of riding? / Why do you ride?

I like hunting because it gets me closer to my family and it gets me outdoors other than when I’m riding. My favorite artist is Luke Combs. My favorite rider is Vinni Graham.


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