Rider Spotlight – Zach Shuster

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Rider Spotlight – Zach Shuster  

Tell us a little about yourself:

 My name is Zach Shuster and I am 15 years old. I attend Edina High School. Skiing and skating are my hobbies/passion. I dream of making a career out of skiing!!

 Faith: What does being a Christ-follower mean to you? 

 Being a follower of Christ means that you are putting all of your faith into Jesus. And you live your life for him.

How did you get connected with JSAW? / How have you been affected/changed by being a part of JSAW?

I started going to Help boardshop when I was ten and then just kept going. I started to believe in God and started to push my faith and attending Bible studies and church. I love that JSAW is so inclusive and they will share God’s word with you wherever you are in your life.