Ride With Us

Weekly Ride Days

You are looking for some friends to ride with and we are riding almost every day all year. During the summer we skate nearly everyday and go out wakesurfing every Thursday. Throughout the winter we are out riding at Hyland Hills Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and of course we skate everyday at Help Boardshop’s indoor skatepark. JSAW also hosts small group Bible studies for middle school ages Wednesday nights at 7pm, High school ages Tuesday at 7pm and for older riders (18+) Thursday’s at 7pm at Help Boardshop. If you are looking to get registered for an event click here!

Help Boardshop

The easiest way to get involved is to visit Help Boardshop and Indoor skatepark which is owned by JSAW and is located in Edina, MN. You can find more information about the shop and park at HELPBOARDSHOP.COM or call 952-217-4228.


JSAW has partners all over the world so you can find someone to ride with wherever you might be… If you’d like an introduction just let us know!