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TNT Fireworks Fundraiser
Volunteer Sign Up


The 4th of July is quickly approaching and so is one of JSAW’s most successful fundraisers! Every year JSAW manages and operates two TNT Fireworks tents located in Shakopee, Minnesota, where our staff members dedicate 11 long days and nights entirely to selling fireworks. These 11 days require JSAW staff to be present at each tent 24 hours a day and without added volunteers helping us, it makes for a very draining week and a half.

So this year, we are asking for your help!

Would you and/or your family be interested in helping out at one of our fireworks tents as a service project? You would be providing our staff with much needed company, short breaks, and extra hands. Throughout each day our staff will need help  interacting with customers, organizing and restocking fireworks, and cashiering. Below are dates in late June and early July with 6 hour shifts that need to be filled.

Please consider supporting both the ministry and staff of JSAW in this way!

– If you are available but not for an entire 6 hour shift, please email [email protected]. We would love to have your help! –

– Another way you can graciously serve our staff during this fundraiser is by providing meals for those who are running each tent.
If you are interested in providing a meal for our staff, please email [email protected]! –

TNT Volunteer Sign Up

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