Volunteer Spotlight – Jon Dudek

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Volunteer Spotlight – Jon Dudek

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Jon. I serve on JSAW’s board of directors. I am married to Ashley and am a Logistics Planner in transportation.  My passions are teaching on Ephesians 6, playing video games with friends and traveling.

Faith: When and how did you become a Christ follower?

I have known Christ since the age of 7 but really didn’t walk out my faith until the age of 33. At this time in my life a man of God from India spoke life over me and told me Jesus loves me. That is the first time I understood the Fathers love. That day is when I knew I wanted to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as a disciple.

How did you become connected to JSAW? Why do you serve?

I connected with JSAW through Crown College. I serve on the board. One of the reasons why I serve is because JSAW follows and implements the great commission. Matthew 28