Volunteer Spotlight – Lois Hegland, Board Member

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Lois Hegland, Board Member

Tell us a little about yourself

I am an executive assistant at Catholic Charities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. I am married with three children. We have lived in Eden Prairie a majority of our married life. I love working in the yard, going to movies and hanging out with my family. Our favorite family spot in Minnesota is Lutsen and we try to go there every  summer/fall.

When and how did you become a Christ-follower?

My mother is the epitome of a Christian. She prayed all of us kids (I have 7 siblings) through some pretty rough times and never once lost hope because of her faith – even when things seemed to have hit rock bottom. She was the perfect role model and she continues to cover my family and her multitude of grandchildren and great-grandchildren in prayer daily. A gift we all treasure.

How did you get connected with JSAW? Why do you serve?

I am currently in my first year on the Board. I learned of JSAW through my son-in-law who is on staff. My husband and I love supporting JSAW because they are reaching kids in places where no one else is going.

Additional Thoughts?

We have a passion for supporting small non-profits who don’t have the name recognition of the larger agencies. It’s difficult for small non-profits (particularly faith-based non-profits) to attract donors and we love telling people about the work and impact of JSAW.