Volunteer Spotlight – Mike Ashley, Board Member

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Hi everyone. My name is Michael Ashley. I am the Area Director for TreeHouse, Bloomington.  I have been married 20 years and we have 3 kids: (Josh (15), Kate (12) and Luke (9). I enjoy design, reading and yard work. I am passionate about my wife, philanthropy and helping folks take next steps in their lives to do good in our communities.

I became a follower of Jesus in 8th grade through the Pacific Garden Mission and Dr. Julius Wong Loi Sing, my mentor. Our family is from Chicagoland. We were rescued as a family from the cycle of poverty and abuse through the power of Jesus and mentorship. Despite being a young family (my parents were around 16) they overcame and persevered through many hardships. Our lives were transformed by Christ and loving, caring mentorships.

I became involved with JSAW when I was a pastor at Westwood Church, Bush Lake Rd campus which is a “neighbor” of Help Boardshop/JSAW. I continue my volunteer involvement now as a board member.



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