Wake Trip to the Cabin

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JSAW took a trip to the lake up north for the weekend to wakeboard and wakesurf. We spent just over 16 hours on the water in 3 days. Some of our generous donors provided a newly remodeled lake home for us in Aikin and a Super Air Nautique GS20 wakeboat. We spent the weekend talking about what God has given to us and how we are called to be givers too. In our devotions each day we looked at how the Bible teaches us to give, not just financially or with our things, but also with our words and time. The riders also helped with getting groceries, making each meal, fueling the boat up and building the bonfires at night. Each rider also progressed into a new trick and gained more confidence on the wake behind the boat. They were so encouraged by the whole experience and challenged to be givers themselves. We are already looking forward to doing this trip again next summer!


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