A Week of Teaching in Battle Creek, MI

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Just 10 months ago Jonny Nelson and I (Ian Wheat) went and built an indoor skatepark in Battle Creek, MI. This past week Josh Franco and I went back to help Andrew Wichterman and the Battle Ground Skatepark with their first skateboard camp. It went pretty well. We had 8 kids spanning from age 8 to 13. All of them very much beginners. We heard a lot of “I can’t” this week as we worked on teaching the kids new ways of using there skateboards. Really the hardest thing was to over come that. At lunch time we would do a bible study all working on the simple question, “Why do I need Jesus?”

I feel like the most successful thing was talking to the young boys about cleaning up. It’s like when you’re told to clean your room and you just can’t be bothered to spend to much time doing it. So you just shove all of your mess under your bed and say proudly “It’s all clean mom!” We all know most astute parents will not be fooled. So just like a good parent needs to sit down with you and teach you how to clean your room right, we need Jesus to help clean up our lives. Help us pull out the junk out from under the bed, throw away the stuff we don’t need, and show us where things actually belong. Jesus does that for us. So all in all, it was a pretty good week in Battle Creek!


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