We’re Moving!

JSAW and Help Boardshop are moving to a larger space in our current building!

We Need Your Help

We need to raise $20,000 to build out our new space while staying 100% operational. You can make a donation or even start a fundraiser of your own to help us build a larger and better indoor skateboard park.

We also need volunteers to help with everything from carrying things, to sheetrock, building ramps, painting, cleaning and more. We need your help!

Volunteer Days

February 6th, 9-12pm

we have more availability during the week for skilled laborers: mud/tape drywall, electrical, framing

Needs List

-Take a look at our Amazon list

Or make a donation and we’ll handle the purchase on these items:

-Office Workstation (Ikea cabinets, countertop and print station) $2500

-Remodel Materials (bathroom sink, door repair, tile repairs, etc) $1000

-Staff Cubbies (for staff to store their equipment, laptops, and personal items) $500

-2 Olympic Training Trampolines (to train snowboarders/skiers and wakeboarders) $5000/each

please check back for updates!