Who is God?

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Who is God?

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” This bold statement was made by A.W. Tozer in his book, The Knowledge of the Holy. Tozer was an American Christian born on April 21st of 1987. He became a Christian as a teenager and in 1919 without any theological training, he became a pastor. As a self educated man over 60 books are accredited to him, and in his 66 years of life he received 2 honorary doctorates; One from Wheaton College in Illinois, and one from Houghton College in New York. The Question here is how did A.W. Tozer come to such a conclusion, and why is the most important thing about us what comes to our minds when we think of God?

In January Jonny and I (Phil) took a group of 6 guys to Copper Mountain in Colorado and we asked them what came to their minds when they think about God. We got answers like Big, Religion, Perfect, Love, Rad, and Great. Then we asked them how they got those thoughts, and they said things like Parents, Experience, Music, Influence of others, Church, and The Bible. Anywhere we go everyone has an opinion of God. Some opinions are that God doesn’t exist, or that God is something to keep us on a right path, but who is God?

Jesus came to reveal God and God has also revealed himself in the Bible. Any deviation from that is a made-up god. If we just make up our own minds concerning what God is like, then we are just creating an idol in our heads and in our hearts as well. So why is it so important what comes to our minds when we think about God? It is important because if we don’t truly know who God is and we don’t have a personal relationship with the God who created all that is, we have nothing! Again who is God? Read the Bible and find out!


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